A Surge of Passion | Mornings With Cath Halim

Cath Halim. 3-syllables you’ve definitely stumbled upon if you’re within the fashion industry, or simply just into fashion on social media. This enigma of a character is so well connected you’d have a better chance of finding someone she doesn’t know, rather than asking who she’s friends with. We sit with this marketing extraordinaire, style expert, and networking wizard on how she does it all.

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To understand Catherine better, perhaps it would be useful to immerse oneself into the French movie Amélie, the story of an eccentric woman who devotes herself into making people around her happy. Is that why she is so devoted to her companions? Just like Amélie, the main protagonist of the film, Catherine exhibits the same aptness in making the people she loves happier.

Her change in profession started from a desire for change and challenge. “I was in the banking industry for close to 4 years. I liked working in the bank but I felt like I wasn’t challenged enough to do beyond my means or to make an impact in someone’s life.” Currently, she’s the marketing whizz behind Ride Jakarta, a workout often described as a party on a bike.


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“It was difficult to transition from a corporate environment to a fitness startup. In an instance, my decisions impact the whole organisation and responsibilities grew.” Placing things into perspective, it sounds almost difficult to imagine a leap so far. After all, a career jump that extreme is always difficult, no matter what the conditions are. Her advice on overcoming this challenge — “I learnt to be more resourceful and seek help whenever you can.”

Being brought up abroad, Jakarta was foreign to her. When Cath came back, it was hard for her to adapt — even Bahasa Indonesia felt unnatural on her tongue. “If you’re sincere in learning something and that you keep picking at it, you’ll eventually be able to do it”. Her history of being gracious and kind to her friends came full circle as these friends in turn extended their hands in her time of need. These days, despite hearing traces of her accent, Cath seems pretty at ease with life back in Indonesia.

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But wait, it’s not her work at a banking or fitness industry that puts her in the spotlight. It’s her work as a style expert and networking wizard that grabbed the public’s attention. As a personal follower of her Instagram, there were two things that always made her charm dangerously appealing; her refusal to be the same and her relevance within the influencer industry. If I had to describe her style in one word, it would be different. It was in the way she threaded carefully between public’s taste and her own quirkiness that made everything blend so seamlessly.

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“My style had never been girlish, nor have I been big on trends so that really sets me apart from everyone else. To be heard in the fashion industry, you should stick to your own style and continue to do what works for you. Try not to look to your competitors for inspiration. To be better, search for it elsewhere.” The biggest advice Cath gave was to focus and out-do yourself instead of being another person.

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When asked about having a huge network, Cath’s advice was, “Be genuine, be nice, and be open to learning from one another”. Having met her for a grand total of 3 (albeit short) times, it’s easy to see why she is the person she is today. In the opening paragraph, I used three titles to describe this maven, but as I look back, there are far many ways to describe who she is. Baker, entrepreneur, stylist, and photographer — all of these barely touches the surface of describing her. Did I also mention that she makes everything look so calm and glamorous?

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“You have the privilege to try as many things as you want while you’re young and still have the luxury to fail. Fail and learn as much as you can. Don’t be afraid of saying yes to things that you might not know yet. Be clear about the greater purpose of starting something because it will take you further than just the money or profits.”

Closing off this article, I don’t believe I’ve fully understood this personality. She still remains mysterious, a little familiarity since learning more about her, and inspired to devote as much time into what she does. As cathhalim.com continues to grow as a support network, providing knowledge for the younger generation, I’m confident we’ll come across these 3-syllables much more often. And you heard it here first: Cath Halim mentioned that mentoring is something she’d like to venture into, on top of making a difference in the world one day. Until then, we can’t wait until she unravels more of her adventures on her website and Instagram.

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