Rise and Bloom With Olivia Jensen

Our relationship with Olivia Jensen goes way back. In 2015, we released our first ever interview on our blog, and there, Olivia stood, glossy on the cover page of our article. A lot has changed since then; we’ve grown and so did Olivia, who started a family of her own. Through the time that passed, we caught up again to check-in on her life so far, and her plans now that she’s returned from her hiatus.

Featured: Emma Dress, Stargazer Coin Necklace

To celebrate her comeback, Olivia teamed up with us to create an exclusive collaboration together with 14 brands that reflect her style and vision. Tapping into her fashion background, she combined distinct silhouettes with statement patterns to bring her vision to life. Like the story behind her collection, which chronicles a flower that rests during winter and blooms in spring, Olivia finds that it’s time for her to return to the work she loves most. “I have so much passion and ideas for acting and working. I’m a happier person when I work”.

Olivia, who rose to fame through her big screen debut in “Bukan Cinta Biasa”, entered the entertainment industry by accident. She was scouted by crew members on a Saturday night in a shopping mall, and the rest was history. Originally from Bandung, she moved to the capital city to pursue wider horizons. Her repertoire grew quickly and she became the go-to girl for magazine covers and romcom dramas. The veteran actress advices aspiring faces in the industry to gain as much experience as they can. “Learn about acting, enrol in an acting school or classes. Then build experience in acting projects. The more the merrier”.

Like any public figure, the mother of one is subject to her share of hate comments. A simple scroll through her pictures will show the onslaught of random accounts commenting on her physique. “There’s nothing perfect in life. You just have to focus on doing what you like most. Fashion and what I wear is something I like to experiment on”.

Featured: Calypso Dress, Miro Statement Earrings

Similar to her nonchalant online personality, Olivia is calm and collected in person as well. She carries herself with the weight of a celebrity being watched at all times, and always has a positive, professional demeanour. One thing that stood out during our 2 months working together was how well she maintained her diet. Despite always being on the go, she continues to commit herself to copious amounts of water intake, home cooked food, and carries a fruit in her bag. She recalls an advice given to her, “Good health is a choice”. Her everyday life reflects the sentiment of her diet. “First things first, I start my day with fruits for breakfast then followed by a 30minutes exercise, either yoga, running, or Muay Thai. Work, acting needs, and everything else will come after that”.

As she returns to the industry, worlds await for her next move. She could do all that she’s done before again, and she can do so much more. With anticipation building for her return, Olivia is most excited for her fashion projects for now. In a year’s time, she’s hoping to release an athleisure collection (heard it here first!) All in day’s job in the Jensen life.

Featured: Olive Set in Green (worn by Aurora), Viviene Dress (worn by Olivia), Celine Sandal Heels in Blue/Black


Answers have been edited for length and clarity

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