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Introducing our Guest Editors: women with big dreams
and killer style. We chatted up self-made women to share their
own take on business, career, life, and the routines that get them going.

Kallula is like a nostalgic dream. This all-around cool-girl might have been a part of your parties, or late-night drives, or your ritualistic scroll for #OOTDinspo from the stylish folks on Instagram. Having passed the five-year mark in her career, Kallula’s name has become a household name in music and fashion. Beyond the picture-perfect images, she is a dedicated woman who loves reinventing herself.

Kallula’s career started with radio broadcasting, before joining KIMOKAL – a conjoined electro-pop group with Kimo Rizky, where her music career blossomed. The rest, according to her, is history. She’s been blessed in her musical journey, with an abundance of opportunities to tour, create albums, and receiving awards for her hard work. Aside from just making music, she finds that she’s had to be strategic and consistent in being able to put her name out there. What is important is knowing how to make the right branding for yourself and how to maintain your work. Most importantly, being true to yourself and love what you do.”

Featured: Online Top Black, Constance Silver Necklace

As the creative process goes, artists are often compelled to reinvent themselves, branch out, and embody the change in their new work. For Kallula, these things come easier. “I’m very unpredictable. I easily get bored that’s why I love to explore new things.” If you’ve been following her, you saw the goodbye to her long hair, to the launch of her new business. She now can be seen sporting a short bob with on-and-off bangs. She is also in the middle of the twin adventure of a solo music project and developing her natural skincare line, Cre.

With new radiant Indonesian artists gaining listenership and spotlight in the American music scene, she sees it as a brilliant opportunity for local talents to make a wave. “I think this is the best time for all of us. It means all the chances are out there and we are equal to all. Everyone has the same opportunity! Make the most of it.

Lately, Indonesian artists have continued to assault Billboard charts and make a name for themselves. This year, Rich Brian and NIKI will be performing at the coveted Coachella as the first Indonesian acts to ever perform at the festival, adding their names to the short list of Asians that have ever performed there. Kallula doesn’t believe in pure luck, and believes the likes of Rich Brian and NIKI is a result of great timing meets opportunity, and of course talent and obvious hard work. In the next few years, she foresees this as a start to the ongoing advancement of the local music industry, especially since various international labels are reaching deeper into the Asian market.

Featured: Caroline Pearl Grey Dress, Constance Bracelet Silver

Her advice for people just starting out: “Find what you like and are most passionate about, and to never be easily satisfied with what you have accomplished.”

The entertainment industry is volatile as it is, and Kallula’s industry is no less harsh on its musicians. For her, the most challenging part is the internal grappling to explore herself while staying true to who she is. She knows well it can be dangerously easy to want to stick to the same things, knowing it is what works well. The best advice she has ever received would be “say no to comfort zone,” and she lives by that. And if you’re ever feeling stuck with a writer’s block, remember to travel far, eat, and write.

Having been in the music industry for more than half a decade, she admits that she’s enjoyed everyone’s company in her pursuit of making music. “Everyone that I’ve worked with left good impressions, but I love working with Dipha Barus. Aside from work, he is my friend, his knowledge about music is crazy good.”

Featured: East Black Top, Cora Long Pants in Black, Felice Heels in Black

Though one can never be certain of the future, Kallula enjoys the thrill of the new and different. But like Jenny from the block, Kallula always wants to be the same person. “Just with more achievements and good deeds in life”.

_@kallula in the morning

What is a regular day like for you?
Regular day is coffee followed by writing music and making plans and content

What is the atmosphere like in your house?
Packed with clothes hanger and shoes LOL

What time do you usually wake up and sleep?
I sleep the earliest at 1AM. wake up at 9AM. everyday.

What’s the first thing you read each morning?
Whatsapp. LOL

What make-up / products do you use on a daily basis?
It changes a lot because i like to try new things, but currently it’s Dr Jart Cicapair, Shiseido cushion, Nars, Huda beauty and Hourglass.

What items of clothing do you reach for when you don’t know what to wear?
High waist leather pants, cotton tops or crop tops and an outer! Always works

What items do you never leave the house without?
Phone and CC and shades!

What is the last thing you do before you leave the house?
Checking my apartment door/keys.


Pictures taken at Urban Quarter Apt for Verde Two:
For more information, please visit:
Urban Quarterwebsite | Instagram
Verde Two: website | Instagram

Answers have been edited for length and clarity
Some items worn are from Kallula’s personal collection

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