#AloneTogether : Workout classes to join from home

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for some of you but no, the act of walking to your fridge for another boredom snack does not count as a workout.

I know that staying in for a long period of time can be somewhat tiring and make us sluggish with no sense of what day it is. Working out can actually be a great way to reduce the stress and cabin fever. It also keeps your energy high and keep you healthy during this time.

Sometimes, though, it can be hard to even think about working out. To make it easier, why not join a class? Workout with virtual buddies, and get encouraged by a proper instructor to keep yourself active and happy.

I have compiled local fitness studios that are pivoting online and generous touse channels like Instagram Live, IGTV or Zoom for online classes. If you want to take it slow and do some stretching or if you want to have a nice sweat session, I’ve got your back! The list is packed with low to high impact options that you can join starting from this weekend!

Pilates and Barre with Breathe Studio

Yoga with Mood Jakarta

High Intensity Workout with Hustle House

HIIT session with SOULBOX Jakarta

Full Body Workout with Empire Fit Club

Full Range of Workout Options with Paradigm Fitness

There are so many options for you to keep moving. There are classes you can choose from from Monday to Sunday, depending on your mood and schedule. (Don’t forget to check back on their Instagram to get the later schedule.)

There are indeed a lot of apps like Nike Training Club and YouTube videos from Blogilates and the likes that you can watch at home as well in your own time but if you crave the energy and accountability of a class, or if you want to help support the local business by showing up and participating, I would encourage you to try joining the live classes instead.

I hope you like this #AloneTogether activity. Let’s stay active and not cheat on the burpees. Haha.

I’ll see you soon.


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