Outfits for Creative Pragmatists

Creative pragmatists strike the balance between the practical and the creative sides.

The term Creative Pragmatism was introduced to me by Amy Smilovic the founder and creative director of the fashion label TIBI. She describes creative pragmatists are those who “love things that are original and provoking but are utterly practical and functional at the same time.”

“A creative pragmatic would love classic references but with modern twists or proportion, cares about the shapes and use of the fabric, and stands out while fitting in.”

The wardrobe of creative pragmatists are filled with outfits that flow with each other, and in Amy’s words, has “enough to provoke” and “modern enough to feel live” but “so freaking wearable and functional.” It’s about the balance of art and function.

One easy way to create a smart and creative outfit when you’re a creative pragmatic is to build with three elements : chill + modern + classic.

These outfits are my take on creative pragmatic dressing, and examples to show you how to play with the formula of the three aforementioned elements:

Chill top + Classic white wide-legged pants + Modern heels

Moss Top White , Jordan Pants , Francesca Baby Blue & Green

There’s an air of effortlessness if you follow the formula of 3 element outfit (chill, modern, and classic. In this one, the top is interesting because of the proportion, and the tie, and while it’s fine when paired with the pants, it gets elevated with contemporary heels with more pop of colors compared to the white ensemble.

A creative pragmatic will probably own a lot of the neutral, black and white pieces because they make sense for the flow and mix and match for the wardrobe, but still indulge in items that subtly set them apart from the crowd.

Modern blouse + Chill jeans + Classic nude mules

Houston Off-Shoulder Creme Top , Hugo Blue Boyfriend Jeans , Mumford Mules

This outfit is all about balance. If the top is paired with white pants from the first look, it will feel formal. If the mules are substituted by sneakers, then it will look too casual. This mix of three items keep your comfortable and stylish, versatile enough for different events or places you might go for.

Modern blouse + Classic utiliarian pants + Chill footwear (You can opt for sneakers as well)

Story Top Terracotta Safa Pants Off-White Rhea Beige Heels

This top is so interesting. That’s the “art” element of the outfit, and the pants and footwear can help tone down the look so it’s perfect for when you do not want to look like you’re trying to be the attention of the room, but still incites compliments because of your good style 😉

Chill satin pajama top + Classic tapered pants + Modern heels

Doja Set in Navy , Piper Black Pants , Manhattan White Heels

Break the rule: wear your luxe pajamas as a day-out outfit. Pair it right and you will win yourself a chic and comfortable look. Subtitute the pants and heels with camo pants and classic slingback heels too. You get the idea : keep the top chill, and twist the choices to be more structured and trendier with the pairings.

Chill top + Modern skirt + Classic but fancy heels

Philla Jacket , Gina Skirt , St. Germain Silver Heels

The top here is similar to a cozy cardigan, but is actually a light jacket and has huge utilitarian pockets.The skirt has that summer vibe, but contemporary twist rather than a true tropical summer skirt. The shoes are the surprise element of the look because the shape is quite classic but they’re silver and amp up the whole look. It’s easy to fall in love with this combination, I know I did. It’s subtly oh-so attractive. Keep this for the days we can be out ☀️

So, are you a creative pragmatic fashion wearer? or a truly creative ones who loves prints and trends? Either way, I hope this gave you an insight on your style. Whatever it is, you might just find your next best closet investment on Love and Flair. If not for later, Love and Flair has just released a new loungewear collection for the our days working, relaxing, and waiting inside. Check them out here

Have a great rest of your week!

I’ll see you soon. 👋🏻✨

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