Easy Looks Borrowed From The Boys

If there’s something that we can borrow from the boys, it’s the ease in which their clothes represent. I have sourced the internet for a few male fashiongrammers who are effortlessly cool and whose clothes can translate easily to us girls. I learned how they put together their outfit (They have to be really creative with cut, proportion, color, and texture because traditionally, they don’t have a lot of styles to work with) and suggested some looks with pieces from Love and Flair

Dress like your latte and stay cozy during WFH with these looks inspired by @soy_raka

@soy_raka is a european fashion content creator. He’s been to many seasons of London and Paris Fashion Week. What i’ve noticed is that he really likes subtle and fair shares like beige, oat, and khaki. I see this, to be honest with you, as dressing as latte and I see the appeal. Somehow this colors look very cozy and classy. I like how in this particular look, he pairs a sweater and a not-so-subtle earrings. Here are some looks if you want to jump on that train and invest in one or two beige pants:

Cable Sweater , Loading Pants Brown , Tuscan Silver Earrings
Bruna Top , Rulla pants in Beige , Tuscan Gold Earrings

Keep the gentle spirit of spring alive with this look inspired by @tsk_92_

@tsk_92_ is a Japanese fashion-grammer. His style is clean, minimal, and he always opts for straight silhouettes that makes him look taller. His clothes are always in impeccable proportions. I think most of his looks he has translates easily for females, as they are, or with alterations to more feminine items :

Pleats Cardigan Soft Pink , Jiro Top White . Safa Pants Off white
Vert Jacket , Salma Top , Santa Fe Pants

Elevate your casual dressing game with looks inspired by @wisdm

@wisdm is an american fashion creator, and probably my current favorite menswear icon. This is because his style is leisurely but put together and never boring. He is also really creative and generous with his fashion knowledge from the styling, where he gets his clothes, and how to pose and take pictures. (Check out his tiktok @wisdm8) . He knows how to elevate a casual look, so here are my takes for the ladies :

Wild Thing Shirt , Nicole Mom Jeans , Sera Curb Chain
Gia Tweed Top Blue , Leighton Dark Boyfriend Jeans , Portia Signet Ring

Looks for the days we can wear our cool boots out inspired by @wisdm

Ok so, for this look, I love the combination that’s used but I looked around and couldn’t find the looks that can replicate the look very similarly, so the looks are more inspired by the use of casual buttoned top, soft pants and boots.

Bibio Ivory Tweed Vest , Maddox Trousers Tosca , Aluna Nude Boots
Doja Set in Red Wine , Discover Cullote Terracota , Aluna Nude Boots

There were a lot more of fashion inspos from the boys. Let us know if you’d like to see more of these. If you do try these outfits, don’t forget to tag us @loveandflair with hashtag #loveandflairootd

I’ll see you soon


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