The Great Escape with Athena Thalia | @athenathalia for The Matin Store

Athena Thalia embodies the image of idyllic youth; of happier times. Like a poster girl of carefree Gen Zs, the 23 year-old is all about having a well-lived life, making positive changes in the community, and spending time with her loved ones. Her style can be described as fresh, eclectic, and sleek. The Matin Store is proud to debut its first collaboration collection with Athena to create simple, effortless, yet still fashionable pieces for the style-fluid.

Featured: Sidney Sweater and Sidney Trousers

As with all things this year, the collaboration was born in the pandemic. Thalia had been a long time supporter of the brand and when invited to be the muse for The Matin Store’s debut collaboration, the pieces just fell together. Like an act of rebellion, the collection refused to bow down to the grimness of the general state of affairs and forged ahead to create pieces that would delight its wearers while still being sensitive of the situation. The collection consists of 25 pieces that are minimal on its own, impactful when layered. Titled The Great Escape, the collection aims to reflect a state of wonder during this Holiday season, whether you’re escaping to somewhere whimsical, or just in mind.

“My favourite piece from the collection has to be the Myra dress. Because it’s so simple, you can build on it to create different looks, like adding a sweater and a belt to transform it into a completely new look”. If in a pinch, she’d opt for a minimal, monochromatic look, like the Sidney Top and Skirt, and throw on rings and necklaces to polish off the look.

Other than the collaboration, these days Thalia is excited about the launch of her wellness company @givegoodofficial. Despite the pandemic, she’s been feeling great, and getting better and better focusing on her health and well-being. “When the pandemic began, it was really difficult to cope because the changes were so drastic. From being able to hang out and meeting friends, now all I can do is communicate with them via social media. And in the beginning of the pandemic, all of my work shifted to virtual events, and online meetings, and it was all so new to me”.

Though changes were drastic, her family and friends were always by her side to help her through it all. Looking back, she realised that she took seemingly mundane physical interactions, like face-to-face meetings, high-fives, and hugs for granted. The instinctive need of humans to interact and bond runs so deep in her. “If there’s anything this pandemic taught me, is that we should always be grateful for what we have”.

“My mom always says, ‘The wheel of life is always turning; sometimes we’re on top and sometimes we’re on the bottom. But no matter the situation we should always remember to be grateful”.

Thalia’s current occupation can be summarised as a full time influencer, and that always leads to a lot of misconceptions. “I often hear that being a Content Creator is easy. Just review things and get money, when in reality being a Content Creator takes a lot of time and energy. I’m considered a very picky Content Creator because I never accept campaigns that I don’t personally try. This means all of my content is self-produced so I don’t end up recommending misaligned things to my followers”.

As the oldest of 3 siblings, Thalia’s younger sister is also an established name within the influencer community. These days content creators are entering the public sphere increasingly young, which has its own set of drawbacks. “From the beginning before we committed to becoming public figures, we thought it through about the consequences (hate comments, curious netizens, etc.) and decided that we’ll only share positive content on our platforms”. This positivity is perhaps what allowed TikTok and its deep well of carefree youth to skyrocket in popularity. After all with everything going on in the world, seeing people making jokes and having a good time is probably just what our wired brains need.

Their mother also makes the occasional appearance on their TikTok videos to much fanfare. “Initially my mom was against me becoming a public figure because there was a time when I exposed too much and it started affecting our privacy. But as time went by we agreed to only share positive things on our platform, and now even my mom is on Instagram!”

Thalia’s longterm goal for her platform is to spread positivity to her followers. “Aside from my love of fashion, I’m also delving deeper into wellness. I started @givegoodofficial to spread awareness regarding self-care, mindfulness, and living a positive lifestyle”. Within the next year, Thalia hopes to still be active as a Content Creator, and to continue expanding her businesses.

Escape into wonder. No matter where you’re spending this Holiday season, at home or somewhere whimsical, stay chic. Introducing The Matin Store’s first ever collaboration with the inimitable Athena Thalia. A collection of simple, effortless, yet still fashionable pieces. Minimal on its own, impactful when layered. Looking good is still on the itinerary. Dress up and go where your heart takes you.


A virtual gathering was held on 14 December to celebrate the launch of the collection, held together with some of Thalia’s closest friends. We’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude to for the generous support in providing mocktail kits to our guests.

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