Island Getaway with Noi Aswari @noiaswari | #NoixLOVEANDFLAIR

Noi Aswari’s name is familiar to anyone in the local fashion industry. An influencer, magazine darling, and eternal muse for numerous fashion houses – there’s no escaping her reach. Despite her city-chic persona and equally polished style, Noi is easygoing, laidback, and longs to escape to somewhere warm and sunny at any given time.

The seeds to our collaboration with Noi began last year, albeit for a different thing entirely. But Noi has always been a familiar presence within our time in the business, and during the pandemic when we thought of creating a getaway Wedding collection, she was the first to come to mind. Recently married, romantic fashion style, and constant love for the ocean – she’s the perfect embodiment of the Island Getaway girl.

Featured: Royale Dress

Like many women, Noi balances many titles in real life. These days she’s excited about her new role as a wife, her baby Tawa Dental Studio, and spending quality time with family and good friends. “As a dentist I take care of the dental health and educate my patients, as an influencer I have the media to share more”. Over laughs, she advises to brush your teeth twice a day, after breakfast and [in the] evening before you sleep. “Don’t forget to floss! And regular checkup with a dentist every 6 months”.

But despite her seemingly idyllic life, Noi keeps the ups and downs of her life behind the curtain of social media. “No rain, no flowers”, she says of her life’s journey. Sometimes, though, there are moments of grieve she has to let out into the world like a dam threatening to burst. Back in May, Noi shared a raw, emotional post regarding the miscarriage of her twins. She lost them right at the end of the first trimester, just when she thought she could share her joy with the world.

It starts with shock and denial, then anger and guilt. I kinda blame it to myself at first, and then depression. I overthink a lot and always wonder if I’ll ever be able to have a healthy baby. And now, since I’m being honest and sharing our story, I finally come to terms with the loss.” This intimate kind of grief is rarely shared with the world, often kept shared through guilty whispers, which is why Chrissy Teigen’s similar miscarriage announcement shocked and instilled a profound sadness in readers. She took people on the painful truth of losing a life too soon; a life you could’ve devoted your life loving.

Featured: Pelee Dress in White

For Noi, her husband has been her pillar of support throughout the grieving process. “A supportive husband, sharing our feelings openly and try to be positive. I believe there’s a silver lining in everything.” Her advice to other grieving mothers – “The grief you’re feeling is real, and no matter how early in [the] pregnancy you experienced the loss of a baby, you may feel that loss deeply. Remember that you have the right to grieve as much as you need to. Do this in any way that helps you to heal and eventually move on. Take all the time you need.”

This reminds us of that heartfelt line from Wandavision – What is grief, if not love persevering?

Time has played its hand in helping Noi recover from her grief. These days, she seems to have found her smile again and carries on living her life. “I aim to live a happy and meaningful life by bringing kindness and positivity to the life of those around me.” 

Featured: Tulum Dress in Brick

_@noiaswari in the morning

What is a regular day like for you?
Wake up, send my husband to work, workout, Tawa, dinner at home.

What is the atmosphere like in your house?
Bright with a lot of glass and natural light.

What time do you usually wake up and sleep?
Wake up at 8.30 , sleep at 12

What’s the first thing you read each morning?
Whatsapp! Lol

What make-up / products do you use on a daily basis?
Concealer, blush on, liquid highlighter and lipstick.

What is an expensive but worth it product or treatment?
Balmuda toaster!

What is a cheap but effective product you’d recommend any day?
Vaseline petroleum!

What items of clothing do you reach for when you don’t know what to wear?
Jumpsuit and matching set.

What items do you never leave the house without?
Phone, bag.

What is the last thing you do before you leave the house?
Turn off the lights and AC.

Welcome to Noi’s Island Getaway – a collection of island-inspired pieces for the romantics at heart. Made for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests; these pieces were made to capture memories of summer fridays, sun-kissed skin, and warm laughters. Dresses to love, celebrate, elope in – no matter where. Bare some skin for the sun. Turn into an island goddess. Come away with us.




Answers have been edited for length and clarity

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